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May 2019

We have provided legal services in relation to the extensive regulatory policy of the University of Sydney as it affects students there. For instance we advised and provided extensive submissions for 2 clients at the University of Sydney wrongly accused of violence at a pro women safety protest in September 2018.

The solicitor investigator for Usyd concluded the claims were unfounded. Indeed supporters of pseudo intellectual Bettina Arndt (who made the complaint against our 2 clients) were shown demonstrably via phone camera video to have been violent by barging through a group of peaceful chanting protesters, one with a leading elbow.

Here is a useful summary of the case outcomes:

- 4 June 2019 - Students given green light to protest after university dismisses free speech concerns

- Fairfax/Nine balanced commentary here June 2019



Thomas notes this story about the 2016 attempt to close down the Sydney College of the Arts faculty within the University of Sydney. The SCA is still open in 2019 but may close this year.

SCA students allege unlawful conduct against University of Sydney Andrew Taylor By Andrew Taylor Updated September 20, 2016 2.16pmfirst published September 19, 2016 9.28pm



Leniency for 2 students responding to mis-conduct investigation regarding their protest in favour of Palestinian human rights - involved extensive submissions on UN resolutions supported by the Australian Govt from 2010-2014.

And noting this report on New Matilda news website with video footage.

- human rights protest at Uni of Sydney


Good description of the 1998 land rights campaign involving substantial civil disobedience and legal jousting, outlined here 20 years later.

Thomas was involved drafting a legal database of 400 environmentalists arrested in peaceful protests at Jabiluka in Kakadu.

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