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The price structure
Thomas charges $100 per hour for most matters, exluding GST. This merges rates for both legal and administrative rates in the same matter.
Before going into sole practice Thomas was employed to charge from $250 to $330 per hour.
Thomas as a registered business with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) does not charge GST because he operates below the Australian Tax Office threshold of $75,000 per year turnover. No GST means the customer saves 10% off the existing low prices.
In most cases Thomas provides the first consultation for free.
Thomas can charge such a low price - despite decades of legal and other issues management experience - by working predominantly online with email and scan pdf documents and working via a mobile office infrasctructure.
If a matter is more complex or more demanding than usual Thomas will negotiate a 'best and fairest' price with the client for his legal services above the $100 per hour rate. 
The legal consumer has the right to the following, for matters that cost $750 or more, under the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW):

These documents are current at 2 November 2012.

Background to our pricing structure
Pricing is a critical factor for the client, just as much as quality of service. Some sections of the legal industry have a poor reputation for overcharging even allowing for those fees being comparable to highly skilled trades in plumbing, electrical or carpentry.
As principal of my own firm I believe in providing a legal service as a vocation as well as a sustainable business. Thomas believes - like the well known Aldi supermarket chain - in providing a good quality yet cheap service. I will seek to promote access for all sections of society to have the right to effective and competent legal services. 
I note Legal Australia-Wide [LAW] Survey: Legal Need in Australia by the NSW Law and Justice Foundation dated October 2012 indicates a huge unmet demand by the low income and disadvantaged for legal services:
"A key finding of the LAW Survey is how Australians respond to legal problems. While, 51% of respondents sought advice for their legal problems, 31% acted without advice, and 18% took no action to resolve their legal problems for reasons associated with factors such as stress, time or cost."
This situation of disadvantage may intensify with the Global Financial Crisis still  working its way through the global economy.
Often the price of legal services in NSW is affected by high rental costs of under utilised CBD office space, or expensive administrative staff. In the age of the internet shaking up the economy - especially the retail, media and education sectors - my firm is riding the waves of the web to provide a more affordable legal services. I can do this by keeping costs very lean using a mobile office, leveraging low rent and low operating costs generally. I encourage you as the legal consumer to take advantage of this price advantage and judge for yourself the quality of my legal service compared with more expensive firms.
Sometimes legal work can't be effectively done online such as court appearances, witnessing an affidavit or confirming competency for making a will. In those situations I will meet clients personally. Usually however most clients can access email. Today clients can access their public library, for example in the Ryde and Eastwood areas, which provide access to computers, printers, scanners,  hotmail, gmail or similar email provider.
I am always looking at how to keep costs down while concentrating on the legal issues and evidence that really matters in your case.  Experience shows that high class suits and prime office location does not amount to an expert legal analysis and sound legal advice.
I will provide all my clients with the best and fairest legal advice, energy and focus, and be contactable when you need help.


Telephone:   0410 558838
ABN:              50 634 794 495
Address:       Mosman NSW 2088 Australia