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The services we offer as part of our legal practice are listed below. Please check in often because we will frequently update the services with new items.


  • simple family law matters eg joint applications for divorce or advice on property rights in the break up of a same sex defacto relationship
  • conveyancing for sale and purchase of residential land
  • local court appearances
  • traffic matters
  • legal disputes
  • commercial law disputes
  • trade mark applications and registration
  • powers of attorney
  • wills
Do you need to organise your estate? Every adult Australian whether young or old, in good health or not, should seriously consider preparing the following five documents in case they suffer severe incapacity such as a coma after a car accident:
  1. Will;
  2. An Enduring Power of Attorney for finance and property decisions;
  3. An Enduring Guardianship for medical and lifestyle decisions;
  4. An Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as a living will, ususally made in consultation with your doctor, directing what medical interventions are acceptable and not acceptable at the end stages of life;
  5. A Binding Death Benefit Nomination (BDBN) so your preferred dependent(s) receive your superannuation. Super may not be left in a will, and your BDBN may need to be updated every few years.
Thomas McLoughlin Solicitor can assist you with these important legal documents at a very affordable rate.


"Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity"

I recently hired Thomas for a legal matter. I am pleased and satisfied with his thorough research, excellent advice and professional work. I have known Thomas as a friend and colleague for 20years, and consistently found him to be very dedicated, hard-working, ethical and honourable. In my experience with lawyers, these are very rare qualities, that makes Thomas' work outstanding in his field.” November 5, 2012

Tony Hastings, friend and client in late 2012, resident of the NSW South Coast.

"Thomas is thorough and meticulous in his analysis. He is an organised and dedicated lawyer.” December 9, 2012
Shreeya Muthusami, former colleague at SBA Lawyers, and now A/g Assistant Director at Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Canberra Area, Australia Legal Services
“Tom is is extermly resourceful and hard working and both while he was retianed with my Firm AAT Legal Services and also in parallel as a service provider to my business.” November 5, 2012
Alex Tees, solicitor in Sydney, NSW and former manager at AAT Legal.
"Thomas and I were committee members on the Botany Bay and Catchment Alliance in Sydney representing over 30 groups. I found Tom to be hard working, friendly and cooperative with a keen interest in promoting a sustainable Sydney. He also demonstrated a strong background knowledge regarding media, and local, state and federal government issues."
Lynda Newnam, Management Committee Member, Botany Bay & Catchment Alliance, Sydney 20 December 2012

"Thomas helped me collect a $800 debt for my family. He told me the legal solution at the Small Claims Division of the NSW Local Court. Thomas explained his low cost and small Court fee. Thomas made a plan for a Letter of Demand. He also planned Court papers for the debt, plus penalty interest (10%), plus my legal costs. The debt to my family would get bigger every day under the law. I told the debtor myself that we had a lawyer now and showed Thomas's card. The debtor got nervous. The debtor decided to pay the debt to save paying even more money, avoid Court, and keep his credit record. We are very happy."
From anonymous Chinese student client, Eastwood Sydney - August 2013




Telephone:   0410 558838
ABN:              50 634 794 495
Address:       Mosman NSW 2088 Australia