New Enterprise Investment Scheme (NEIS) approval

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Thomas McLoughlin Solicitor is supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, an Australian Government initiative as of 3 January 2013. We understand only 10% of applicants are accepted into the NEIS scheme in any one intake.
Advantages of NEIS include:
  • 12 months financial support at the rate of a Newstart or dole payment with no reductions for income earned (rent assistance cutting out at 6 months);
  • a 6 week part time business course in preparation for managing your practice as a business (which does not replace the mandatory Sole Practice course required by the Law Society of NSW and the Legal Profession regulations);
  • some free finance database software and hard copy business management notes;
  • fellowship and networking opportunities with other small business people and potential customers.

Thomas is happy to discuss how NEIS works with any aspiring sole practice lawyers.

The following selected standard NEIS documents for a Sydney small business are copied here as an example to other lawyers in Australia who may consider using the NEIS scheme for setting up their own sole practice:




#5 part 1

#5 part 2

#5 part 3


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